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Tips for Finding Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

The Corona pandemic has brought about a new awareness of how crucial commercial cleaning services are. Your employees and clients are placing their faith in you that you’ll offer a clean and healthy place of work. The best way of attaining a healthy work setting is to entrust the cleaning work to professionals. There are many commercial cleaning companies, making choosing the best tough. However, there are elements you can use when choosing a commercial cleaning company and making an erudite choice. Here are some guidelines to use.

Hold interviews. You wouldn’t allow anyone to work for your business, so why, trust any cleaning company? Before settling for any company, it is vital to ensure you know exactly what it does and if they’re qualified. It helps to do preliminary interviews with your chosen commercial cleaning companies. Ask about the company’s experience in the cleaning business and how they got started. Check how they hire their cleaners and the standards they follow. Then ask about specific details, including their office cleaning prices and their working hours. You also should ensure the team can fit into your schedule to avoid cleaning interfering with other tasks, the reason you should ask about the company’s availability. Also, ask if they can offer emergency cleaning services if need be.

Ask about liability insurance. Research has shown that the average small businesses use almost 7% of their revenues on IT software and hardware. Chances are, your workplace is filled with costly computers, scanners, printers, and other costly capital expenditures. Having said that, it is wise to protect your assets, the reason you need a commercial cleaning company with liability insurance. This way, your items are protected in case a cleaner accidentally breaks, loses, or damages an item while on duty. Apart from property damage, many insurances also extend to bodily injuries. This implies your business will not be left footing the bill in case a cleaner sustains injuries while at work.

Inquire about the cleaning process. Once they get to the location, how do cleaners initiate the cleaning process? Is there a set schedule of where they’ll clean or do they just start on a whim? Regarded commercial cleaning companies work off a checklist that each cleaner has. These standard task lists are vital in sneering each cleaner is engaged and on-task. Besides, they also ensure that each corner of your office is sanitized. Some of the vital queries to ask are:
Do you have an established cleaning process your staff follow each time?
Do you have a list of specific areas to cover, such as hallways, foyers, kitchen, windows, and more?
How do you detect and deal with pesky trouble spots, for example, mildew or mold?

Talk about cleaning products. It’s evident that many companies embrace eco-conscious and sustainable business practices. If you wish to go green, have a commercial cleaning company describe the product it utilizes in tackling carpet spills, grease stains, dust, and more. Ask to see the MSDS for each and eliminate companies that use harsh cleaning products.

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